Our 'New Normal'

During my time as a therapist, I have heard a lot of people tell me that they just wanted to feel normal.

As a coach, I am often asked “Is that normal?”

My first response as always, is to ask, “What is normal?”


During these challenging times we have been given a new set of operating parameters. Keeping our distance, queuing to buy food, not going to work or school, not going out. Our favourite pastimes of dining out or meeting friends for a drink have been put on hold for who knows how long.


Our new normal.


If we were told this was to be the case last December, there would have been uproar, resistance and condemnation for such a draconian measure with no reason. Because it was ‘not normal’.


Then Covid-19 changed everything.


Covid-19 3D virus model


We now have a new normal. We accept this new normal with a minimum of fuss and on the most part with very little resistance or furor. Because with all the information we have been given during the last twelve weeks, this new normal seems to be acceptable and somewhat understandably so.


But this is not the first time that any of us have had to accept our new normal. In the past we have all, more than likely, experienced changing schools, moving house, a job redundancy, not getting the promotion at work or into the university we wanted. Getting a diagnosis we really didn’t expect or sadly, even losing a loved one. At that time it had a massive impact and may have felt devastating. Yet we somehow managed to pick ourselves up, moved past it and to have found our new normal.


So when the lockdown ends and yes it really will end, what will be our new normal? If we can change our lives so dramatically under forced instruction, then what can we do for ourselves using our own volition? It will be challenging for nearly all of us and don’t think it will be like the flick of a switch and we will be back to our old way of life.


Perhaps if we can look at every obstacle as an opportunity, then this could be a time for us to change some of our old ways of thinking? To make new ones, for the benefit of ourselves and all those around us.


Under our own ardor, to help in redefining our new normal.


Stay safe and peace always,