We are more intelligent

Welcome to the Salon!

Welcome to a place that can help you gain a little more of that simple thing that can really make the difference.


It is funny how it can be with us one minute and suddenly vanish the next. When we have confidence, there doesn’t seem to be many things that can get in our way and yet without it, sometimes even answering the phone can feel like  a challenge.

The idea of the salon is simple. To create an oportunity to join a coaching session in a small, friendly group setting with me via zoom, with one goal in mind. To help you gain more confidence as a therapist. Because I have been there and know what it is to be unsure and trust me, this is not confined to ‘new’ therapists. We can all take a knock to our confidence at some time or other and a few helping hands in the right direction, can be invaluable.

Without the need for any long term comittment, the salon is run once a month, to help therapists get together and join forces. To help us all to gain a little more confidence in ourselves and the work that we do.

Think of it as a place where you can come along when ever you feel the need to.

Your investment is £60. This will give you an invitation to a 1 hour session with up to 5 other therapists and myself.

(Please note; that although I am both a qualified supervisor and therapist, the salon is not to be construed as a session or substitute for either of these things.)