Can we really change a belief?

I often work with clients who need to change a belief. Usually, to help them overcome a mental block. And let’s be honest, we all carry a lot of beliefs around with us and every morning we dutifully load them up into our ‘computer’.

Just like your laptop being switched on and taking those few moments or so, to load up and sort itself out, to then become your happy, functioning laptop. Well, we also do the same thing with our list of beliefs. The belief that we are punctual, good with money, a thoughtful husband, a good employee, a generous boss, etc, etc.

It is our ‘software’.

Our beliefs could be compared to the different programs we run on our laptop. Yet our beliefs have an impact on us and affect our day in the same way that different software affects the tasks we can do on our laptop. Thankfully we tend to use the right program for the right job. Microsoft word is great for writing prose, stories or reports but you would be very frustrated and disappointed if you tried to use it for music creation.

Yet we will sometimes carry around a belief that will not be good or helpful to us in certain situations. So when I challenge my clients and help them to see that changing a belief is going to be needed, I often hear, surely they cannot change a belief! We are defined by our beliefs, are they not instilled in us?

Time for a software ‘update’.

I would counter and say that they are, like the software on our laptop, installed in us.

By us.

But just like the software on your laptop, you can really choose what you want to install.

And like the software on your laptop, it can always be updated.

And if we can update a belief, then yes,

We really can change a belief.

P.S. I used to believe that I would never be able to work in a studio, or win a gold or platinum disc. #awards