Feed your curiosity

You decide the next step on your journey

There are different ways in which we can work together and it all depends on what you are looking for or how far you want to go. If it is for you or your team, makes no difference, because it’s all about taking that next step. Take a look below at the choices available and see what fits. Or feel free to reach out to me for a conversation about how we could work together.

“If you trust yourself, amazing things can happen.”

– Al Stone –

The Confident Therapists' Salon

This is something new to 2021 and is of course aimed purely at therapists. This is not any kind of therapy or supervision and not a substitute for either. It is simply an oportunity to be coached by me in a group setting of up to six therapists via Zoom.

This is the chance to engage with me and other therapists in a friendly, digital environment to share and grow. No long term commitment required with a pay as you go structure. Simply come along when you need a little confidence. (Sessions held once a month.)

When you are starting out as a therapist, having confidence is key when taking those first steps. This is an easy way to help yourself get off on a good foot.

Your investment: £60 per session (60 minutes) 6 participants max

The Momentum Package

I spend thousands of pounds on my coaching. Yes I mean £1000’s! and will continue to do so, as long as my coaching journey progresses. I will never forget the first time I parted with four figures, in advance, to be coached. It was very scary yet somehow felt ‘right’ and the results have been well worth it, time and time again.

I appreciate that not everyone can afford this kind of coaching.  So, like I tell all my clients, start small. To this, I have created a layered approach to coaching, “The Momentum Package”.


If you are new to the idea of coaching and want to see if it can work for you then this is a great way to test the water.

Your Investment: starting at £175 with three options to suit your budget.

Master Your Excellent Self

A chance to experience and benefit from taking part in this team based workshop designed to help get the best out of your team. Teaching skills based in NLP with some hypnotherapy bolt ons added, designed to help the individuals within the team, reduce stress, improve concentration and resilliance with the aim of creating a better personal environment for an increase in performance for each individual and the team overall.

If you are part of a team or in charge of one, then this is the place start. Communication, self awareness and confidence building for up to 10 people.

Your Investment: starting at £2K Depending on your teams need’s and want’s.

Coaching - 1 to 1

Coaching is not for everyone. To work with me on a 1 to 1 basis is not for the feint hearted. There is a mindset needed and before we choose to work together, we will take the time to discover if this work will be beneficial. I promise that I will not try to be your friend. However, I will push you, mess with your thinking and there is a good chance I might make you feel uncomfortable, on occaisions but always to help you unlock your dreams, your deepest goals and the things that you think might be out of reach. All to help you create the future that you really desire.

If you are seriuosly looking to make changes to your life and work, then we need to have a conversation. There will be an interview required before we can move forward.

Your Investment: From £5K depending on what we wish to create together.