The best laid plans?

As I normally do, on a Sunday, I was sitting on my sofa and jotting down my ‘what I would like to do, this week’ list. This has become a habit of mine, over the last two years or so and thanks to James Clear, for helping me make it so. However, there was something that felt a little different and I was having trouble focussing and could not figure out why.

It is just my ‘to do’ list.

In addition, my list has the bonus of a five-day time frame. Monday to Friday, helps to keep it small, which I find gives me a tighter focus. Starting with, who do I want to engage with? Either face to face or by phone. Essentially, meetings and conversations with my clients. I then think of any learning, that I would like to try and achieve. This can be by way of, reading articles or books, watching videos, or listening to podcasts. Finally, I will add any personal stuff, that seems relevant in the week ahead, which can include fun stuff too.

A simple, three-point framework. Business – learning – personal.

A flexible framework.

I find that having a framework is more helpful for me because it offers some flexibility. Not a rigid, pre-set number of steps that must be performed in sequence. A framework is more of an outline, a sketch that can be adapted on the fly. Not a chain of events that must be followed to the letter. More like a selection of options with some key, pivotal points.  Much less rigid for when things change, which they do. Mostly.

An unexpected change.

As my Sunday progressed, I began to feel more off key. Then around 4pm I started feeling lousy, started coughing, running a slight fever and aching all over. A quick test and the result showed ‘positive’. Suddenly my days ahead were all mapped out, in a new and unexpected way.

Ten days in isolation.

Not quite what I was expecting and I needed something to fall back on.

Firstly, no face-to-face client work and not enough energy for calls or zoom sessions.

Secondly, no going anywhere, even in my own house!

However, I find that there is always a path forward if you look for one and try not to focus on the stumbling blocks.

So, in conclusion and trying to look for ‘the opportunity’ in this new obstacle, I now see a block of unplanned learning ahead. With a stack of books besides me and as much as I am able, I will read my way through the coming days in isolation.

P.S. It is not fatalistic to have a plan B (or C or D, etc). But it is prudent to keep your options open.