You win some, you lose some.

There is an old expression.

You win some, you lose some. A saying. Not really a fable, per say but one of those expressions. Like a lot of these old sayings, they are passed around from generation to generation. Usually handed over from person to person, to help prove a point or offer some kind of support, during a harder time.

Where has it been?

It is funny that if you saw a candy on the ground, your first thought would rarely be ‘yummy’. More than likely, you would not give it a second glance or thought but leave it where it lay surmising that it would be covered in germs, dirt and all kinds of unsavoury and unhealthy things. You certainly would not pick it up and offer it to someone as a gift or treat.

Stop to think.

Firstly, why accept these old sayings without question? Surely it is better to question the information we are given? Not for the sake of argument but more because of healthy, critical thinking. Do you really have to lose some? Secondly, if we examine our current knowledge and question it, does this not enable us to adjust and help us to move forward, in a better way?

It doesn’t have to be radical.

So in conclusion, sometimes it is the small adjustments we can make, that can have a big impact. Especially over time. If you just eat one donut a day. Nothing much happens for a few days but after a few months….

Making that little change, to enable a better way of thinking.

Take that old expression.

Change one word and see how it can impact on your day.

P.S. You win some, you LEARN some.